Sonys big investment in Olympus - impact on m43?

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Re: Olympus Lenses for NEX?

Indeed and Sony has been supplying Olympus with some of their better sensors for some time now. That co-operation may have been an experiment which helped to pave the way in this new partnership. Will Sony go so far as to share their hybrid phase-detection sensor technology with Olympus? I suspect not at first, as both companies will wish to concentrate on jointly extending their market dominance in their respective markets, with their brand-new products introduced at Photokina. I expect that Olympus PEN series being cheaper to manufacture than the Sony NEX by perhaps $150 per unit in competing models, will relegate Olympus models to the second tier in general. Because APS-C has the inherent advantage of a larger sensor, in the long run Olympus m43 will be the popular choice for talented amateurs and as a 2'nd affordable camera system. The Sony NEX will be allowed to develop as the professionals' lightweight mirrorless alternative to DSLR's, bearing more features and durability than m43. Will the OMD series be permitted to remain in the long run? Perhaps not.

Another key area must surely be to develop improved marketing, especially at the product-awareness advertising and salesman levels. At present this globally abysmal.

Can you imagine a G.M. car salesman who has never heard of the Chevrolet Impala? And yet as was pointed out early to-day, someone encountered a salesman at Henry's, a large camera retail store in Toronto,who had never heard of Olympus micro 4/3 cameras!

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