The Theory of Product Announcements

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Re: Speculations

ultimitsu wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

Not everyone is on the fence

Yes, not everyone is on the fence, but the whole point of marketing is to get those that are on the fence, not those who are already fanbois that need no persuasion.

not everyone is obsessed with the specs.

But everyone who is buying a 2100 USD FF DSLR cares about specs.

Enough people prefer Canon in the same price range.

I am sure there are a select few people in this world who accept 6D in its current price. However looking in DPR forum, I have not soon one single person saying they will buy 6D the moment it is available, But so far I see these reactions:

I have seen a few people who said they would buy one,sorry I don't have names

1, 5D3 owners glad they didnt wait,

: I would have one if I had the money

2, 5D2 owners sticking to what they have
3, 7D owners saying 6D is too expensive for a major performance backstep

4, rebel owners say they like it, but they would rather wait for the price to fall.
5, Canon owner switching to Nikon.

: a lot of people say that out of frustration but who has actually done it?

So how you worked out there are "enough" of them, remains a mystery.

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