Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

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Re: Just Bought EOS-M dual lens kit.

I have been out and about with the camera for the last hour or so. Overall remark - It is great fun - which is what I was hoping for.

I haven thad much of a chance to really get to know it, but first impressions are:

  • the controls are not as bad as I was expecting - a small step down from an SLR like an XXXD (last one I used was a 400D) in terms of physical manual controls which are accessible, but i don"t find it frustrating or limiting in any way compared to that camera. I think once I get used to using the touch screen to control the camera, it will become quite automatic. You can still use the dial on the back to control, e.g. EV, so its nowhere near as P&S like as I was expecting.

  • the screen is beautiful - sharp, colourful and big. the touch screen is quite good, but not as smooth or intuitive as an iphone (e.g. cant double tap to zoom)

  • the focus on the 22m (the only lens ive used so far) is a little slow - it tends to hunt back and forward then take the shot. sometimes it nails it right away, often not. this improved as I got used to the camera - touching the focal point then shooting improves the feel a lot. I am very much used to centre focal point focus then compose, so using this method made the lens feel quite slow. touching the focal point then shooting makes it feel faster as the camera has already focussed by the time you press the button.

  • 22mm on a 1.6x crop is a pretty good focal length for a walk around. a little wider than I like for creativity, but its quite flexible.

  • IQ looks quite good so far, but I haven't had a good chance to go through my shots.

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