Web Hosting for Windows

Started Sep 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Web Hosting for Windows

I have a few web pages with GoDaddy and a few with other cut-rate, but highly ranked suppliers. I find that GoDaddy, while not toll-free, they are quick to correct any issues I may be having when I do contact them, which is not too often. One of my other cut-rate accounts has been messing around for about two weeks with server issues, while my sites are still available, I fear that any updating may be lost, so have avoided doing so on those accts. My advice is to find one that you know how to navigate the interface and stick with it. Pennies here and there can easily be lost in learning the new interface, and what might save you $$ on hosting, will be eaten up on some other feature that was included on the previous host. In short, been there, tried it, would probably not repeat it again knowing what I know now.

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