Sonys big investment in Olympus - impact on m43?

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Re: Olympus Lenses for NEX?

dv312 wrote:

Could Olympus provide lenses for NEX systems or for the upcoming SONY fixed lens cameras?
It may be a cheaper alternative to Zeiss ?

Could Olympus also co-brand with Sony on developing their own 1", and/or MFT sensor fixed length camera a la RX?
Some good and very plausible speculations?

Aye. Olympus makes great optics, and it would be interesting if they started making lenses for other companies. I've never fully understood why most camera manufacturers are so unwilling to make lenses for other mounts. Everybody is saying that the lenses is where the R&D really pays off, so why should it bother Nikon if somebody would use their lens for a Canon camera. It always smelled to me like a "gentleman's agreement" between the major manufacturers.

Anyhow, NEX is definitely a system in want of more choises regarding lenses. And if Olympus were to make lenses made for APS-sized sensors though, maybe a Oly APS camera wouldn't be so far off? I'm happy with the size-to-performance of the micro-four thirds, but for those who are looking for that elusive 2/3 of a stop advantage there is in going to an APS-size sensor...

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