D600 vs a99 .... why?

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Re: D600 vs a99 .... why?

Takuya wrote:

Endos wrote:

I would buy an A900 before a D600, but I would buy a D600 before an A99. It's all about "photographic experience", and IMHO the A99 is the worst camera in that regard.


I love how people (not just the above example) are arguing that the A99 is a poor camera experience when they haven't used one for any length of time, or more likely, EVER. There are a handful of images out that are supposedly the test shots of the A99, yet look extremely crappy. Why don't we all wait until there is an official review of the damn thing before making generalisations like this?

I tried an A99 today and am currently chugging through a Flickr upload of an "ISO" image series (slow internet!). Even with the .9 firmware, it's easy to tell that the sensor is going to be a massive step up from the A900. I didn't get to shoot raw but I think, when all the software compatibility etc. is sorted, it will be easily useable for weddings (for example) and the like up to 6400ASA. Very very clean at 50-320. Still great at 1600. What else do we expect these days?

The body feels nice in the hand. The viewfinder is a significant improvement on the A65 (much less shadow blocking). The shutter is so quiet! I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

A Land Rover, a camera ... I'm happy!

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