Which end of the telephoto zoom range is used most often?

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Re: Which end of the telephoto zoom range is used most often?

Thanks heaps. You guys are generous with your time and your tips are much appreciated.

I borrowed an f2.8 70-200 a while back and found myself wanting more reach when shooting a local indoor Roller Derby event with the lens attached to a cropped sensor camera (giving me more like 300mm at the long end).

So I suppose I've answered my own question on the zoom range - 300+ for me, I reckon.

At an earlier Derby event I used a slower variable aperture f4-5.6 70-300mm. While useful in situations with good light and time to compose, it was a pig to use in a fast paced indoor sporting/event environment where I found myself using the long end of the zoom range tracking a subject around the circuit (girls on roller-skates - excellent).

The ISO settings or shutter speed had to be constantly adjusted all night as I was unable to settle into a fixed "exposure triangle" all night. I may have given up some manual control after a while and settled for a limited auto ISO option.

A fixed aperture lens is a must I reckon - at least in a situation where we want manual control over the exposure settings.

Getting off the track a bit.

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