Petition to lower A99 price

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Re: A99 price is cheaper than the A900.


Michaels7 wrote:

And? Again, two different ducks. Many of Nikon cameras over the years have shared the same sensor, but the Nikon prices were higher. Can you justify that? Should Nikon drop their prices too for similar cameras with same sensors? D600 is a dumbed down D800.

BMWX5 wrote:
D600 and a99 same sensor

Michaels7 wrote:

And you failed in grasping my point. Take the blinders off. D600 is not a "similar matched camera." Similar matched would be the camera specs. The only way to compare the Nikon price is to dumb down the A99 to a A95 with less bells and whistles. A99 is more like the D800 and D6.

BMWX5 wrote:
D600 is less than $700

Michaels7 wrote:

A900 was 3 grand. Ask Canon and Nikon to drop down their price on similar matched cameras. first Those camera cost more.

BMWX5 wrote:

to make it affordable fbor everyone...

Choose one (body only):

1. $2500
2. $2250
3. $2000
4. $1800

Let's vote and try people power to convince Sony to lower the price...

I vote # 2

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