Challenge titles and descriptions...

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Challenge titles and descriptions...

This is an appeal for clearer titles and descriptions. I realize that English isn't the first language for many hosts, but sometimes the challenge titles and descriptions are extremely vague and ambiguous, or the title doesn't relate to the challenge subject at all. To pick a couple of examples at random from current / recent challenges:


"Image depicting an unusual view of serious nature, where the proceedings can have some unwanted consequences."

The sample image has a person snorkeling looking at a sea snake.

Maybe it's obvious to everyone else, but I am left puzzled. The title covers just about everything from dramatic scenery to actors in a play; the description sounds like photos of tsunamis and earthquakes; and the example photo is (to me) a cute animal holiday photo.

Hidden Monsters

Reading further, it turns out to be a bug-hunter challenge. As a sort of a lame joke / mild protest I entered this photo:

and was duly awarded many 0.5s by the bug-hunters. (I was expecting to the DQ-ed, but sort of hoping for last place as I haven't managed that yet). But you could argue based on the title alone, that mine was the only photo that was on-theme! If it was completely off-theme shouldn't it have been DQ-ed? If it wasn't off-theme, why so many 0.5s? It's not in itself such a bad photo. Wouldn't it be simpler all round to make the title align with the description?

Not trying to pick on these two challenges in particular - they were just two convenient examples of many.

Climbs off soapbox...


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