The Gals control the new venture.

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Phileas Fogg
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Re: The Gals control the new venture.

Taddy wrote:

Google Photographers in your area and 90% of them are the Gals and I might mention are doing a great job with their Rebels.

Doing a great job? In what way? by the drivel posted on their photo sites buy Joe and Mary Q. Public? Or by the worthy words of true pros? Or better yet their profits/losses? I suggest asking to look at their financials. I bet many are hardly making a buck at it.

Check back in a year or two and see how many have folded up shop and put their DSLR's on a shelf likely moving on to peddling macrame or such.

If it's a business it needs to be operate as one and as such the profits need to be worthy to keep them doors open.

Calling yourself a pro is a whle other thing than being good at being one including making MONEY.

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