Upgrade from a Canon 20D???

Started Sep 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Upgrade from a Canon 20D???

I recently upgraded from a 20D to a 60D. I chose the 60D over the 7D because I preferred the smaller body and the articulated screen for videos. The other reason is that the 60D is so much cheaper right now at $865 vs. $1357. What I really want is a replacement for either model, so the 60D is just something to fill my needs temporarily.

I am pretty happy with the 60D so far. For me, ISO 1600 on the 60D is about equivalent to ISO 800 on the 20D. The 3" display is so much nicer for previewing images. I am also tickled pink that the RAW buffer is much larger at 16 vs. 6 for the 20D. For my own shooting, I can't tell if the focus accuracy and tracking is any better or not. I was disappointed that the 60D could not focus on a fast-moving duck, but it was also in the shade with a bright sky in the background. I have no idea if the 20D would have done better.

The main reason that I upgraded is that I wanted to be able to capture videos. I switched from the 20D to a Panasonic GH2 for a year, and I found it really fun to capture videos of family life. The GH2 is far superior to the 60D for videos, but it wasn't great with action photography, so now I am back using Canon.

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