Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

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Re: Still want to know...

I do, as well. My experience with the British criminal justice system's view of arrest and bail is generally limited to what I read in the Telegraph, Guardian, BBC, Times, etc. "Etc." does not include the Daily Mail, BTW.

But I have noted that it's not at all unusual for arrested persons to be released, at some point, without charge - even without caution. This applies especially to significant crimes, e.g., homicides, that seem to result in early arrests of people who are later released without charge following the arrest of someone who appears to have no connection to the first person arrested.

I got into a long conversation with a PC serving with the Met in London about this subject, as well as the then-practice of destroying photos and prints of those who are not eventually charged. He noted that it was common to release without charge and very unfair to those so released to keep their photos and prints on file.

Of course I was curious about how the agency could later confirm that a particular individual had been arrested. The answer, it seemed, was that it didn't matter - the release meant that the slate was scrubbed clean.

Hard to believe that the practice still exists, though. That's extremely valuable investigative information, even if it isn't needed for ten years.

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