Fuji X Pro1 Raw Processing.

Started Sep 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
goldpopper Junior Member • Posts: 43
Re: Fuji X Pro1 Raw Processing.

I have the same set up as you Jay. Mac 10.6.8, LR3.6 and use Nik software. I have used the silkpix raw convertor, and it works, but I end up with massive Tiff files to import and manage. I prefer a streamlined workflow as per the x100 which I connect, and edit in lightroom without having to use other convertors.

I don't do a lot of landscapes to have foliage issues, mainly street photography but it may have the same issue when it comes to colour bleed. Not sure...I am hoping either Adobe get it right or Capture One come to the party. They have an upgrade to pro version sale on now but still doesnt support it.

I might just bite the bullet and upgrade LR and then if some images are problematic, edit those ones only in Silkypix.

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