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Re: How about Nikon...

I searched for Nikon macro lenses on and found that 60 mm f2.8 Micro-Nikkor has also very good reviews. But I want to ask if the 55 mm Micro-Nikkor f3.5 or Nikon 55mm f/2.8 Micro Nikkor Lens AIS IMP have Auto focus in it. If they do have auto focus, will the Auto focus work on Canon body with the adapter on? If the autofocus doesn't work, will the focus confirmation red light show up on the lens front?

I would also recommend you to look at the Sigma and Tamron Macro lenses, they are very nice and more attractive in terms of price then the canon/nikon lenses. Also btw the Canon 50 macro 2.5 is "very" cheap for what it delivers and come highly recommended I have owned two and is a great performer for its price.

In my case, I wear glasses, so relying on my eyesight only to focus is my last option. Autofocus or at least the focus confirmation red light is a necessity.

In case of using it without af you would simply use the live view function, I am taking for granted that you are using a tripod then the focusing is a s easy as pie using the live view since it has a 20 max magnification.

Using manual focusing lenses is at first a bit iffy but its something you get very easily used to. The TS 90 is also a really nice lens as previously recommended and will give you a great flexibility particularly when you can not get a straight angle to the painting. B.t.w all the TS or PC lenses are manual focus.

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