Petition to lower A99 price

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Re: Petition to lower A99 price

I would certainly like the idea of being cheaper though when people compare prices to Nikon D600, I think that may not be a fair comparison. A99 has a pro grade body: metal skin, weather sealed and 200,000 shutter actuation. As far as I know, D600 lacks these. Am I wrong?


After writing the above note, I just checked the D600 announcement:

"Built to withstand the wide variety of shooting conditions enthusiasts face, the body of the D600 is sealed and gasketed against dirt and moisture. The camera uses magnesium alloy top and rear construction to provide a lightweight camera with maximum durability. The shutter has been tested for 150,000 cycles ..."

Though there is still the question if it is built up to A99 level.

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