Pentax & Nikon - Image Quality

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Re: Pentax & Nikon - Image Quality

Model Mike wrote:

I do think you're obssessing over minor differences. The sensors on the D7000 and K5 are all but identical, so the differences must be in the glass and Raw conversion, both of which are under the photographer's control.

The real differences to base your choice are Nikon for superior AF and flash, or Pentax for compactness and weather resistance.

I agree. I miss the Nikon flash system, but love the small size of Pentax and its Limited lenses.

Before coming back to Pentax I tested a K-7 against my D300 and found the Nikon blew out or "smeared" the texture in a red Christmas bow where the Pentax didn't - with the "usual" jpg settings I used for each camera. I know these are not RAW and would vary with PP of RAW. But for my most common setting and use, this was obvious.

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