Best way to compare D800 & D600 ?

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Uprez or downrez

I get all that, and in fact, I have printed crops to final size (my workflow is to uprez to 360 dpi at the final print size -- that's what I send to the printer for output), but it seems to me that uprezzing is going to increase difference in IQ between the two whilc downrezzing will decrease it. Since I uprez to print, it seems to me that that's the way to do comparisons - uprez the lower MP image to the size of the higher. BUT I have a weakness for empirical testing. So I took to studio tests jpegs of the two cameras, uprezzed the D600 to the D800 size, downrezzed the D800 to the D600 size, cut crops of each and put them side by side. (I used FastStone's Lancos 3 resize algorithm).

First is D800 native and D600 uprezzed

Next is D600 native and D800 uprezzed

In both of them, the D800 looks better than the D600, big suprise there. It does seem to me that the downrez method does lessen the IQ difference between the two to a slight degree.

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