Fuji X10 filter

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Mark H
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Special request...

widick wrote:

Just received my Marumi 40mm lens protector filter and it fits on my X10 like it was made for it. The lens cap fits over the filter and the Fuji X10 leather case holds the camera with filter and lens cap installed. Marumi makes a 40mm CPL filter as well.

You may be able to contribute something useful to this thread here...


Is there any chance you could try the following...

Set the camera to its widest angle focal length, and a wide aperture - then shoot a relatively plain/evenly lit surface (it doesn't need to be perfectly so - but don't use flash), shoot one sample with the filter attached, and one sample without the filter.

Do you get any vignetting in the corners with/without the 40mm filter attached?

If you can, upload the images to DPR and show us.

Of course, anyone else with an X10 and a 40mm filter might like to do the same thing, and let us know the result too.

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