XPro1 or XE1

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Re: XPro1 or XE1

Strat wrote:


In our house we first had the x100 and I really loved it. I thought I would use the OVF but I almost entirely used the EVF.

I then got an Xpro1 and agin tried to get myself into the habit of using the OVF but again reverted to the EVF. I think for me, I just prefer the EVF and am more confident about focus etc.

But what I missed when out with the xpro1 was the ability to pop a little bit of fill flash into the scene when required and the x100 did this so very well. In fact, I don't know any other camera that balances fill flash to ambient so well - for me at least.

So, for me, I am seriously considering selling the pro1 and getting the Xe1 as I only tend to use the EVF and it is supposed to be a far better unit than Xpro, and it has the modest but great when you need it built in flash and I do like the slightly smaller form factor - the x100 was a perfect size for me - for handling the camera and also for ensuring that it goes everywhere with you.

Good luck with your decision.

That's a great point and a big strike against the X Pro 1. Instant, on-the-fly fill flash is not at all uncommon so having that easily available is a HUGE plus for the X-E1. A shame you cant have both the OVF and fill flash aside from the X100.

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