XPro1 or XE1

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Re: XPro1 or XE1

Hi Amy!

I really believe your posting totally answers your own question.

First: you say you use the EVF on your X-100 90% of the time, and there's no reason to assume that would change with the XPro-1... so why pay the extra $$$ to get the XPro-1's OVF, which is the main reason for its higher cost, bigger size and heavier weight? PLUS... you'd be paying hundreds more for a camera with an EVF that's not as good as the one in the XE-1!

Second, while the bigger size/weight of the XPro-1 doesn't seem to matter to you, you still admit to generally being a "smaller is better" kind of gal. Here again, the XE-1 seems more aligned with your priorities... and keep in mind that it's about the same size as your X100. The XPro-1 is larger than that... Personally, if I'm going to choose a bigger camera than the X100, I'll just grab my DSLR.

Third... although you didn't bring this up... the same $2K that you spend on the XPro-1 and 1 lens will buy you the XE-1 with 2 lenses... that zoom which has so much promise, and something else.

Good luck with your decision... as I said, if you really examine your own priorities, the choice here seems absolutely clear.

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