XS1 new sensor, taken 6 weeks so far....

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Did not even get as far as sending back...

I actually envy you, because sooner or later you will get your camera back.

Despite weeks of struggle I could not even get to the point of sending it back as could not find the proper channels to do it in this part of Europe.

I bought an X-S1 for my wife from B+H this summer importing it to Serbia, where it was not avalaible.

Of course we noticed the lilac spot in some pictures and also the lens would extend if one was shooting downwards. So after a two week photo trip in Iceland, I decided to send the camera for repairs.

I tried my native country Hungary, as I could find no repair shop here in Serbia. In Budapest they said try Britain and Germany as there they were not swapping sensors.

Also got advice on this forum to contact Britain, a guy called Dale. He was nice as said, but the British repair shop would only return my camera to a British address. They suggested Poland as a regional repair center instead.

OK, so contacted Poland. Sure we'll do it, they said. Send it to the local Fujifilm representative and they'll send it to us. Made a second attempt to track down anibody connected to Fujifilm in Serbia. Found one company. Yes, they said, but we only deal with medical equipment, no cameras. Dang!

Another e-mail to Fujifilm Poland, what to do if there is no Fujifilm camera repair shop, to act as intermediary. Deep silence, no response whatsoever.
Will fight on. This was just an interim report.

A lesson learned again: stay with mainstream products. Don't buy "exotics". Yes, I had known that there were problems with the X-S1, but IQ seemed OK and it was a much desired megazoom that my wife wanted. She made wonderful pictures with it including some very dramatic panoramas, but this is now getting very frustrating. I'm thinking about sending it back to B+H, but was reluctant so far to send it back that far...

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