Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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boinkphoto wrote:

Ok, maybe that is a little harsh and too far now that I think about it, so I apologize. However, I honestly do think you are intentionally trying to rile up people here. That's a shame because clearly you have a lot to offer to this forum and DPreview in general.

Now I certainly earned some angst by my me calling you, right or wrong, on what I perceived your behavior to be. If I'm wrong, then again I apologize, however if so, then I think you should consider how you are perceived given the way you respond.

In any case I will make a deal - I will stick to non-judgmental commentary in regards to your posts if you will do the same in return.

We are both long term forum members and clearly both Fuji lovers. There is no advantage in hacking on each other, particularly when in another venue we might meet, talk photography, and never know the other was the one who "tweaked" us.


It's a deal Matt. I dont enjoy riling anyone up except the most rabid trolls/fan boys. I dont count you as part of that group.

Thanks for your offer. Have a good weekend.

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