D800 at Mutt Strutt photo booth

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apice wrote:

I gotta ask this. How come it takes 3 photo applications to process a file from a state-of-the-art 36mb camera? Your files are NICE! but did you really need this process?

C'mon...you can't get that look with just using Lightroom.

I would be curious to see a un-edited file straight from the camera.

Why? That's the unedited file...as in unfinished.

Not being funny or smart, just wondering??? I still use Nikon D3 bodies and just a little LR and then off it goes to a network location.

Good for you. You are being funny, right? I'll give you that because otherwise you're coming off as pompous.

I use all the photo apps at one time or another but not all at the same time. Kinda kills a work flow when you have a thousand or two pix to get out the door.

That's just it. I didn't have a thousand pics to to rush out the door. This was a charity and I had no time limit on when I had to deliver the files. I did them at my leisure.

If you know something that I don't, please share this process.

The thing is these might have been for charity but just maybe a lot of other people will see them and be wow'd by them and maybe hire me for somethings else. These are all marketing material showing the public that I'm a good option for their photographic needs. And it's already worked. I've had two schedule a shoot and one ask for a large print. And that's the process.

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