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Re: Circumcision

bobn2 wrote:

stasvolik wrote:

Out of curiousity - which ones?

I read about it as part of the initiation in soeme Papuan New Guinea tribes.


That feature seems to be quite detrimental to group survival, so I would expect evolution to weed it out...

I can't see why it would be detrimental to group society. The scheme was, as I remember that young girls would be initiated by village elders before moving on to their husband to be (much the same a seigneurial rights in Europe) the assumption being that elders being elder had survived the longest and therefore had genes most fitted to survival.

Ah, I assumed (1)you meant sexual relations between parents and children and (2)sexual relations before child's physical maturity. Looks like I was mistaken.

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Comments and critiques are always welcome .


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