CF and SD cards for D800

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Think about your transfer speed as well

Hi Harry,

It depends also bit on how your copy your images to the computer, is it USB 3 or faster, you can buy fast cards, but waiting an hour or longer before they are pumped to the computer is not a nice thing.

By means of speed in relation to the D800. You don't need to buy the fastest card to get that 4 and something frames per second on CF/SD. I use Ultra cards of Sandisk which are not the fastest and I never have any buffer problems with the D800.

Both Lexar and Sandisk are very reliable when it comes to memory cards (I've still 250MB CF cards bought in 2003 which work perfectly.)

Still, an accident may happen or you may loose a card, so I always advice to buy 2 large capacity cards instead of 1 huge one.

I use Sandisk Ultra cards 16GB for stills on all my cameras' and 32GB SD cards for movie clip capturing.


Harry Thomas Arnold wrote:

I am finally ready to order a D800. I'm considering Lexar cards:
32GB 1000x CF, and
64GB SDXC 400x.
What do you think of the cards? Which should i use for JPEG and which for RAW?

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