How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

Started Sep 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

chopsteeks wrote:

Awaiting reviews of A99....but considering doing this...

Anyone else and why ?

I actually put my a900 up for sale last week. But then decided to pull it again for several reasons. 1. I would like more resolution like D800, 2. I cant get the price I want for my a900, 3. My a900 have not become a worse camera just because a new is announced. 4, my a900 still works and looks like new. And 5. The difference in IQ I have seen so far is not improoved very munch compared to a900. But the one thing that temps me about the a99 and the EVF is the ability to better use manual focus lenses. But nevertheless i guess its time for me to buy some Samyang lenses instead of a new camera.

P.s I am mostly a landscape photographer.

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