What Do You Think the Price Would Be?

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Re: What Do You Think the Price Would Be?

Oh, I have no doubt this will be priced high if Canon targets higher end of pro-market. This simply means if i do want a high MP prosumer body then the only choice I have is to go with a two system setup and get a D800. I do realize that if the new high MP camera is not positioned against D800 then yes, the price will be sky high, no doubt.

Skip M wrote:

Remember that the 1Ds3, Canon's last high mp professional offering was $8000 when it was introduced in 2007. If the new offering is in the 1D series class as far as construction, I'd expect it to be in that price range, too. If this follows in the footsteps of the 1Ds3, "prosumer" isn't its intended market. Just as it's not the intended market for Nikon's rumored high mp D4 companion, which seems to be headed into that same price point.
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