Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: challenges/mathematics of demosaicing

awelch100 wrote:

Nothing that I said was speculation except for the part about Fuji's 3rd party support.

1. The Fuji camera is not processing 46 full resolution images per second, that would be impossible. What is most likely happening is that the camera is doing line skipping or scaling the sensor output, then running a standard 2x2 demosaicing algorithm. It would be interesting to analyze video produced by the X-Pro1 and see if it contains any of the demosaicing errors that we see in some RAW conversion software. I would be willibg to wager that it does.

Again, utter speculation.

It can still produce a full size JPEG in around 1 second and a review size thumbnail in even less time than that.

2. The two DSP chips inside the X-Trans cameras are far more efficient than a general purpose desktop CPU for running the type of operations that are needed to process sensor data. That is not speculation, it is fact. This is why companies like Adobe and Apple have started utilizing the similar capabilities of GPUs via CUDA and OpenCL- they are orders of magnitude more powerful at running certain operations than the CPU.

Yes, I know that. But most processors now have GPUs. And as I said, it does not have to work in real time. Efficient is one thing, resources are another. A core i7 is an order of magnitude more powerful so it does not have to be efficient, especially if it can offload all the display side work to the GPU.

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