So who else is waiting for $2750 on the 5D3?

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Re: It's already happened twice this year...

There will be a discount for sure around X-mas time, but I doubt it will as low as the $2750 it went for recently, and will probably be a bit more. The adorama ebay discount was just crazy.

I see the $2750 as the the "bottoming" out price for the 5DIII in the long term, and was not expecting it to reach that for at least 1 more year - judging by Canon's price history with their other high end DSLRs. I still think these recent steep ebay promotions are a freak event that won't be replicated soon by other retailers. We have no information on cause behind these discounts (ebay subsidy, Canon subsidy, etc).

And if anything, I suspect the 6D's release will actually push the 5DIII's price from being that low in the next couple months. Think about it - if the 5DIII can be bought for around $2750 at Xmas, not many would settle for a 6D for $2100. Most ppl would pay the relatively small difference to obtain a vastly superior camera.

Qwntm wrote:

Ross Murphy wrote:

not going to happen this year, dream on

It's already happened twice this year and xmas aint even here yet.

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