EM-5 Sony sensor -- End of the debate

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Re: EM-5 Sony sensor -- End of the debate

This statement from panasonic also hints its not panasonic sensor:

From i-r:

For our former models, the GH1 and GH2, we developed a special sensor that was a little bigger than Four Thirds. However, because we wanted to make so many improvements with the GH3, we didn't have a larger sensor available.

Not to having multi-aspect is not due the cost, but no high-quality sensor with multi-aspect available.

If panasonic made the high-quality sensor itself, why not such multi-aspect available?

Only when they have to get high-quality sensor from outside, they couldn't have both quality and multi-aspect in same time. It confirms EOSHD's interview, that the sensor is not from panasonic.

Of course, it doesn't mean it is sony sensor either, but from the spec, it's highly likely base on same sensor from e-m5, which is sony sensor confirmed twice.

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