D600 has dull pictures ?

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Re: D600 has dull pictures ?


I'm really sorry for the agressive comments your question triggered.

I went to the link you posted and which inspired your post. I'm not a Nikon shooter. I use the camera used as a comparison point in the article you linked: the 5Diii. Let me tell you this. It would not be very difficult to make the d600 shots look exactly similar to those of the Canon in those expamples, and vice versa. All it would take is a bit of post processing.

Check this :

Http: photo.net/photos/kiedrowski

Some of these amazing pictures were shot with a 5Dc, a camera 2 generations behind the one I currently own. Yet there is NO way I could match this work. I simply lack 1. His sense of composition, 2. His pot processing skills.

Bottom line ? buy the D600 with confidence, shoot raw, practice your post processing skills. And enjoy photography

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