Sensorgen Publishes E-M5 and RX-100 Data

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Anders W wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Anders W wrote:

If you shoot OOC jpegs, by contrast, the way the E-M5 is calibrated is a liability only. Suppose, for example, that the camera is calibrated such that half the max ADU level corresponds to the OOC-jpeg clipping point of 255, which is roughly in line with the way the E-M5 behaves. The fact that the sensor is only half-saturated provides no safety net whatsoever against highlight clipping. If you expose beyond half the max ADU level, the RAW file may still be fine but the OOC jpeg will be clipped. At the same time, it will have more noise than necessary since only half the FWC is used.

But if the camera is calibrated such that the max ADU level corresponds to the OOC-jpeg clipping point of 255, like you whish, if you expose beyond the max ADU level, the RAW file will be clipped and the OOC jpeg will be clipped, right? A reduced safety margin for photojournalists which don't have time to adjust carefully their exposure.

Why would a OOC jpeg shooter care whether the RAW file is clipped or not. The RAW file isn't even written to the card.

If instead the camera were calibrated such that the max ADU level corresponds to the OOC-jpeg clipping point of 255, the risk that the jpeg would clip would be exactly the same as before.

But the risk of clipping RAW will be much more important.

Not for an OOC jpeg shooter.

However, the noise would be significantly reduced. Only a gain. No loss at all.

No noise, true, but unrecoverable clipped highlights in RAW.

See above.

The case of RAW shooters is discussed in some detail in the first part of my previous reply. You responded to the part about OOC-jpeg shooters only, so I went from there.

You seem to believe that the World is split between RAW and OOC JPEG shooters, and that those categories never mix.

Myself, like the vast majority of photographers, shoot both.

I'm sure you know that there is NO modern DSLR or mirrorless camera on earth made only for JPEG shooters or only for RAW shooters (or if there is one, I missed it :-))

What I try to explain in my first response to you in this thread is that I find ennoying that the EM-5 underexpose so much, and when I want to shoot RAW, yes RAW, I have to ETTR a lot to get the best out of the sensor.

But I try to explain that I understand why Olympus and most camera makers calibrate their camera this way, to provide a safety margin for users who shoot RAW AND JPEG and do not have always the possibility or time to dial a carfeul exposure.

But you seem to stick to you own will to have a camera calibrated only for RAW shooters that have always the time to dial a right exposure.

I really understand that for you and your shooting style, a calibrated camera like that will be the best. But your shooting style represent only a small margin of people who will buy a camera. I hope you do understand that.

Camera makers have to make choices and cannot satisfy everybody. The best thing we can do is to choose the camera which fits best our shooting style ;-).

Have a nice evening.

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