EM-5 Sony sensor -- End of the debate

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Re: EM-5 Sony sensor -- End of the debate

Myari wrote:

m43happy wrote:

Panasonic could be going the marketing route that Olympus did when they announced the OM-D by saying "no comment" to all the sensor questions. Panasonic knows that that will be one of the first questions people will ask and by not commenting on it creates more buzz and speculation (just like what happened with the OM-D). In the end, Panasonic has always made their own sensors and improved on their technology from one camera to the next, so based on that "logical deduction" the GH3 will have a Panasonic made sensor in it.

Panasonic has not "always" made their own sensors. The sensor in the most recent LX7 was made by Sony, and this was admitted by Panasonic in an earlier interview last month.

Link to said interview please where Panasonic explicitly says they used a Sony sensor in the LX7.

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