D90 One-Step Customizing?

Started Sep 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
jpdenk Contributing Member • Posts: 819
Re: D90 One-Step Customizing?

While it would be convenient to have a few user defined preset banks, it only takes a few seconds to make those changes. Lamenting that it's beyond the capabilities of 4-year old technology sounds to me like you're mainly looking for an excuse to buy a new camera body.

As a cranky, old guy, I get to remind people of the old days when cameras just had a match-needle exposure meter, no auto-focus, no programs, film was a fixed ISO/ASA speed so if you need a different sensitivity, you had to change film. And yet we managed to take some wonderful photos.

That said, I'll take my D90 over the old film days, no two ways about it.

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