Hogan's Photokina: DX/APS-C sure looks forelorn.

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Re: Last half of October the leaks will flow like water. (Uh, maybe)

Steve Bingham wrote:

Right now, Nikon really wants to push FX with it's D800, D800x, and D600. FX lenses cost more, and the FX excitement is everywhere. Perhaps by late October we will get a ton of DX leaks and probably an announcement - or two. I am sure that until the D600 has been pushed hard, that Nikon will keep any DX leaks under tight wrap!!!I am sure their recent patents would suggest this. Last half of October.

I've heard similar, but nothing concrete. Seems like most major areas got big shipments of D600's, so they were really keen to capitalize on post-Photokina excitement right away. The lengths that Nikon personnel will go to avoid saying the word "D400" in interviews is actually quite amusing at the moment. Logic dictates an announcement before Thanksgiving if there is going to be one, anyway.

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