FUJI EX-1 or M43?

Started Sep 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Gerald_H New Member • Posts: 17
Re: FUJI EX-1 or M43?

I currently own a GH2 and three m43 lenses... Just a couple of hours ago I went through my database with images I made of our daughter beginning in 2006: the first ones were made with a Sony R1, then there was the "Nikon D80" phase and then the GH2 era.

The GH2 images are by far the worst of them: terrible skin tones, crappy DR, (for my taste) unusable OOC jpegs, harsh and artificial colors, just not pleasant to look at. Besides, handling the GH2 somehow sucked. I know that the E-M5 would be an improvement, but still...

So, for me it is clearly bye-bye m43, hello X-E1 (pre-ordered already.)

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