Leica X1 or Fuji X100

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Re: Leica X1 or Fuji X100

You can have that Leica look from X100 with some post processing, contrast, vibrance, etc. You can also add some film effect on X1file with VSCO, although it tend to look fake.

max metz wrote:

Both the x1 and x100 are very special cameras with very special lenses. History is likely to reflect on both as important and adept.

One often reads 'whats best for you', something I usually dismiss though it almost applies in this case as either choice is likely to be photographically fulfilling and for a very long time.

The x1 is definitely capable of achieving that Leica look, something truly valuable in my view. The x100 has the unique ability of giving premium film results, something equally valuable, again in my view.

Its an excellent choice whichever way you go, how can you loose - either way, you are bound to be on the cusp of a very special photographic adventure.

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