Sensorgen Publishes E-M5 and RX-100 Data

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Re: Sensorgen Publishes E-M5 and RX-100 Data

So, can someone summarise what has come out of this thread for a normal person who wants to get the best out of the OM-D. Should we under or over expose? If so by how much?

Or have I completely missed the point of the thread and it's not related to image quality at all?



Detail Man wrote:

Sensorgen has published data for the Olympus OM-D E-M5 as well as the Sony RX-100, calculating Read Noise and Full Well Capacity from DxOMark's recently published test results:

Seems like the Sony RX-100 bests the E-M5. Of notable interest to me has been the (base ISO Gain) estimated values of Read Noise and Full Well Capacity of the E-M5 as compared to the GH2.

Base ISO Gain Data:

Camera ---- Read Noise [electrons] ---- Full Well Capacity [electrons] ---- Dynamic Range [EV]

RX-100 ------------ 2.3 ----------------------------------- 10,040 -------------------------------------- 12.1

OM-D E-M5 ------- 6.5 ----------------------------------- 25,041 ------------------------------------- 11.9

DMC-GH2 --------- 6.0 ----------------------------------- 11,803 -------------------------------------- 10.9

Main web-site URL:

Information about the calculated data:

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