12-35mm f/2.8: What's the verdict?

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Re: 12-35mm f/2.8: What's the verdict?

I wasn't really clear in the way I wrote it. I didn't mean that I think it should have ALL of those improvements. I meant that if it had ANY one of them, then I could make a much stronger case for it.

In other words, I feel like it falls just a bit short in too many areas, without really excelling at anything.

That's just my opinion though, from the lens on paper. I might change my mind if I actually use it.

tgutgu wrote:

You ask for the impossible as so many do. Your list includes a lot of contradicting requirements. Get realistic, and buy the 12-35mm. You won't get anything better in the near and mid-term future.

kiri wrote:

I'm very much on the fence about this lens.

It seems like it would be a nice convenient lens to have, but as far as I can tell, it doesn't add much more than convenience. I can do pretty much everything this lens can do with 20/45/9-18. And except for the 9-18, at a much wider aperture.

I would definitely be getting it if:
it were cheaper
it had a bigger range (12-50 or 60)
it were f2
it were a little smaller

As it is though, I don't know if I can justify a lens at that price which doesn't seem to really add anything significant to my kit beyond the convenience of not having to change lenses as much.

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