Is Elinchrom Replacing Its Lighting Product Line?

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Re: Is Elinchrom Replacing Its Lighting Product Line?

Hi Jack,

Low Power - Elinchrom offers many lines of strobes with varying degrees of low and high power. We have packs that go down to 8ws and up to 1100ws. The thing is no strobe manufacturer makes an entire line of products that pleases every shooter. AB has some terrific products in their portfolio and if these lights suit your workflow and hit your needs than you should use them. By the same token, Elinchrom entire line of products offer pro level benefits like accuracy, consistency and dependability and far more modifiers (indirect and direct softboxes, reflectors, umbrellas) to help the photographer shape, tone and sculpt the light then AB (or most other light manufacturers) and this is where the story is actually told. If these types of things appeal to you and Elinchrom fits into your workflow and needs, you should use them. Similar arguments can be made for most strobe manufactures and there is room in the market for them all.

Overpowering the sun with 400ws - As with anything in photography, this is absolutely possible and people are over powering the sun with speed lights (less then 60ws), but at what distance? So you need to determine how far you'll be from your subject to determine how much power you'll need. 400ws can be plenty to over power the sun and especially with the additional of Pocket Wizards Flex system. You might want to check out Tom Bol, Michael Clark, Keith Ladzinski or Dean Zulich blogs to see examples and learn more about this.

Soft metal - First off a good rule of thumb is to treat your lighting gear light you treat your camera. Elinchrom's products have been known as location based gear for years and pro's have pushed us to keep making our gear lighter and lighter to make carrying and shipping more economical. We use a lighter weight metal on the collars of our reflectors to help reduce weight. Pro's like Joe McNally and Bill Frakes travel all over the world and frankly beat the snoot out of their Elinchrom gear, but their modifiers last them for years and years because they attach and remove their modifiers with the same care they change lens on their camera.

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