Concerned on D800 purchase

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Re: Concerned on D800 purchase

caspianm wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

Judy Stone wrote:

What is the most reliable online store to purchase the D800 and not end up purchasing a returned unit? Amazon, B&H, Adorama...? Thanks.

None of the above. All of them have received returns, and are likely to resell them as new.

No reliable dealer would resaell a used camera with a known issue as "new".
I know it has been done but it is not the norm.

I have received lenses and other items from B&H and Amazon that were obviously opened and repacked by a customer. I don't buy from Adorama, but I doubt they are much different from B&H in handling returns. What a customer considers a "known issue" may not be what B&H or Amazon consider worthy of return to Nikon. How do you think retailers determine the difference between a customer's preference, and a truly defective camera? The customer may not clearly communicate the reason for return. The retailer may not consider the customer evaluation to be reliable. After all, Thom suggested that a minority of the Left AF complaints he received could be verified as true problems.
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