Choosing Between A Few New Lens Options & Confounded

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Re: 35-100mm

Hey Davey1, thanks for the response!

Davey1 wrote:

I think the 25 & 45 are a better pair but not by much. The 20 is slower to focus but nice a small compared to the 25. Having said that you would not get me to part with the PL25!

Yeah, were I buying from scratch, there's no question I'd go for the 25mm over the 20mm. It's just that I already have the 20mm that makes it an open question.

Given your use of UWA with the 9-18 you might want to consider the 7-14. It works best at the wide end and almost all my shots are in the 7 - 10mm range with it. I love this lens too although it's a challenge to use because you get so much in the frame.

That's an interesting idea, but right now, I'm pretty happy with my 9-18, and I want to fix a 'problem' with my lineup, rather than replace something I'm already happy with. Also, I'm not sure the the 7-14 would be all that much better for me, since I use the tele end of the small Olympus a lot: about 42% of the photos I've taken with that lens are in the 15-18mm range (I rarely ever use the 12-14 range, apparently). Should have mentioned that bit of info the first time around

I think I would recommend the 35-100 although I've clearly not used one. That's the beauty of new lenses, they're perfect!

Yep, too many good options and not enough disposable income!

At the longer end I have the 45-175, it's small, light, doesn't extend with focus. Pretty amazing really but probably not huge step up in IQ against your super zoom.

The 45-175 is an interesting option, but I think I'd just go with the Olympus 40-150 since it provides about the same image quality, is a bit more compact, and can be had for $80-100 cheaper.

Seriously, it should be similar to the 12-35 which is very good and the focal length(s) would be great for portraits. If you did get this it would be interesting to see how much use your 45 got in a few months' time...

That's a good question; I hadn't really thought of it. The 45mm has been my go-to option because I love how photos look and because it fits my eye. The 35-100 would definitely fit the bill there. The photos I've seen from it tell me that it has a rendering quality that appeals to me; check here (hat tip to Gunnlaugur Gudmundsson for posting that link in another thread). I would expect my usage of the 45mm to drop significantly, but I'm guessing the superzoom will pretty much never get used, if I get either the 35-100 or the 40-150.

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