D600 close to D4 at high ISO

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Re: high ISO - downsampled comparison

FWIW, here is a comparison from the DPR comparison. All ISO 3200 RAW. All reduced to 12mp at 100% crops (click twice). I really like the low noise on the D600, though I don't know if this comparison tells that much about the D600. Although it is definitely more detailed and better than the D700 in many ways (IMO), there are some things I actually like about the D700 photo, a bit more contrasty maybe. The D600 has so little noise, even in comparison to the D700, that I'm wondering how they converted the RAW and if there was still some NR that did this. I imagine they used Capture NX but who knows.

Cameras are (from top left to right, then down left to right, etc.): D700, D800, D3200, D600, D7000, Canon 550D.

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