Dust or Oil on D600 is this acceptable?

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Re: Dust or Oil on D600 is this acceptable?

I can pretty much guarantee you that eventually any DSLR you own will end up looking like that. Dust on sensors is a fact of life when you have a system that doesn't seal the sensor off. (Interchangeable lenses.)

Everyone should know how to wet clean a sensor. It needs to be done periodically, and if you have reasonably steady hands and good lighting, it's easy (with practice).

There are many demos online showing how to do it. Supplies are pretty cheap really, considering that you can clean the sensor yourself dozens of times for the cost of paying someone else to do it for you once.

It's like owning a car. You need to know how to put air in your tires, and change the oil. You can pay someone to do it for you every time, but you really should be able to do common maintenance yourself. At least you have a sensor shaker. I've seen that Thom Hogan while on safaris in Africa wet cleaned his D3's every night.

Sensor shakers and blowers only help, they don't prevent dust in the air from getting inside your camera and settling on the sensor, especially if it is (sticky) pollen.

Wet cleans are just one of the costs of using a DSLR, like having to have a computer to do anything with the images.

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