How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

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It's not just about high ISO and MP any more!

That's all we tend to talk about, and your otherwise thought provoking post falls into the same pattern. Don't need all those MP, the high ISO gains aren't that impressive. I'll leave the MP stuff alone (tired of talking about it), but on the high ISO gains I'll point out that the shots you took are not shots that needed high ISO. As such, they are poor representatives to make a determination on whether high ISO performance on the newer cameras is of benefit to your shooting. Shoot a concert with a D700 at ISO 6400 and with the D600/D800, then report back to us.

That still ignores that the most significant gains have been made in dynamic range at base or lower ISO. I showed on my blog a while back how the D7000 at base ISO beats the D700, side-by-side. Do you need more DR? If not, the D700 is just fine. I love both of mine. But let's not just focus on MP and high ISO. There's much more going on, and improved DR is not the end of the story.

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