5D III User with a D600...first thoughts

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Re: 5D III User with a D600...first thoughts

Thanks for your effort. The mini-review would be worth ten times as much if it contained pictures. Colder, softer, etc.. we would like to see a comparison!

Anyway. It did not focus on your house in daylight. You did turn it on?

MajStriker wrote:

With all the recent hype regarding Nikon's FF entries, I thought I would pick up a D600 and see if its worthy of the angst it's causing on these forums. My first DSLR was a Nikon but I switched to Canon with the 5DII for several years before upgrading to my 5DIII so I have experience with both systems. I haven't had a lot of time to spend with the D600 yet so I will update this thread with more thoughts as I get more familiar with the camera.

My thoughts thus far:

Generally the ergonomics on the D600 are pretty good, I really like the conveniently placed On/Off switch around the shutter button. Its a smart placement and one feature that I had missed when I first moved to Canon. On the other hand, the rear joystick is functional but I instantly missed the big thumb wheel of the 5D II and III. Navigating menus is a little difficult at first but hardly a daunting task.

AF thus far has been VERY disappointing. Although I was not expecting 5DIII quality, I was expecting better from the default AF settings. I've had multiple failures to provide focus in good light. I was taking some photos outside my house around 4pm in the afternoon in fairly bright light and the D600 failed to focus on my house?

Unfortunately I do not have the NEF converter yet so I haven't been able to examine the RAWs but the JPGs leave a bit to be desired. The images are colder and softer than Canon's, even with some adjustments to the saturation and sharpness. I'm sure this can be adjusted to taste.

IQ is slightly confusing. I don't remember this happening with my previous experience with Nikon. When I open the full size JPGs on my 32inch monitor, the images overall appear to be slightly soft. However, when I zoom in, even just a little, they seem to become much sharper?

14 stops of DR is NOT apparent in the OOC JPGS. I guess that's sort of an obvious statement, but in case anyone was unclear on that I figured I would state it. In a tricky lighting situation (lots of bright sunlight and lots of dark shadows) its still going to look like a pretty bad picture.

The in camera HDR is good but not great. The 5DIII has a much more usable implementation of in camera HDR, with more options for the level of aggressiveness.

Otherwise, it takes great pictures. I need to get my hands on the NEF to really see what it is capable of doing.

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