NEX-5N/SEL16F28/FCL-ECU1 outdoors, high dynamic range: Tenaya Canyon, Yosemite

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Re: Excellent work and shots !!

Coupla questions....

1) How'd you keep the LCD screen from getting all scratched up? Did you use a soft case/bag at all?

2) Did you do in-camera HDR processing?

3) Sharpness looks a little harsh on a few shots. A result of PP sharpening or downsizing for posting?

I know from my own experience what a PITA it is to keep a camera safe on these kinds of trips and thought that the NEX camera was just over the line in terms of size as being a little too big. Did you wish, at any time you had a smaller camera? Or was taking these awesome shots, the reason to go, in the first place?

-Thanks for posting, BTW!

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