What don't I get in the 7D that I would in the 5DM3 in my situation?

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Re: Yep, This is the Question You Need to Ask Yourself


Another factor you might want to consider is described in this thread: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1019&message=37835790

Since seeing this test, I've switched to using only multiples (I know multiples is technically the incorrect word, but, at my age, brain farts are pretty common!) of ISO 160 (320, 640, 1250, 2500, etc), and found greatly improved (noise) results.


steve88 wrote:

ScottD1964 wrote:

What exactly are you referring to when saying the 7D is only good to about 1600 but can be corrected in PP at higher ISO.

I've got shots that I've taken at up to ISO 5000 that look perfectly fine and the noise at 3200 is no worse than 400 speed film back in the 90's.

Take a look. Tell me where the noise is so bad to make these unusable. No PP straight OOC.


Hi Scott...I believe your comments were directed at me but I'm not sure so I'll respond anyway. May I ask what settings you're using to get such good images SOOC at those ISO settings? My experience with the 7D has been noticeable noise starting at around ISO 1600/2000 that needs to be corrected in post. I've shot up to 5000 ISO and still gotten useable images but, again, that's with NR in post that often affects the overall IQ.

I know that if you underexpose even the slightest amount while shooting with the 7D at high ISO the noise is even worse so I always make certain that my exposure is dead on when I do shoot at high ISO's. However, I'm not getting the same results as you are for some reason. But I'm shooting in RAW, not .jpg. Could that be the issue? I actually don't look forward to shooting indoor sports that much because I know I'll have issues with the noise once I go past about ISO 1600/2000.

What I was trying to say in my comments yesterday was that a FF sensor can take images SOOC at ISO 6400 and even higher with no noticeable noise...and that's a major benefit for people who shoot indoor/night sports or other situations where the light is not good. A crop camera, on the other hand, tends to show noise at those ISO settings that requires fixing in post (that's been my experience anyway).

However, your images seem to contradict that opinion. They look very good so please share with me and others what your secret is. It might save a lot of us from shelling out $2,000 - $3,500 for a FF body! If I can get shots like that at 3200-5000 I will definitely reconsider my plans to purchase a 5D3 later this year.


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