FX/35mm lens on a DX body?

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Re: FX/35mm lens on a DX body?

danielholzer wrote:

joejack951 wrote:

slimandy wrote:

Some FX lenses will be the best choice even on DX, but generally speaking they will be bigger and more expensive than you may need.

Yup, the 35/1.4G ($1600) is great on DX but if you don't own or plan to own an FX camera soon, it kinda stinks to pay that much for a lens that's only the equivalent of a 50/1.8G ($200) on FX.

I think that you have it backwards (a 35/1.4G on FX is roughly the equivalent of the 50m 1.8G on DX).

No, joejack951 said it correctly, the 35mm lens on DX will give you approximately the same FOV as 50mm lens on FX.

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