Canon 1DX: EC with Manual Exposure Mode and Auto ISO combo?

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Re: Canon 1DX: EC with Manual Exposure Mode and Auto ISO combo?

Martysj wrote:

Let me give you a real example. I am shooting airshow of prop aircraft. I need control of shutter speed first and foremost. Then where I shoot has a lot of unwanted background, so I also want to control aperture. I pretest some shots and realise I need to +1.5EV from my shooting position or else the plane body will be too dark. Unfortunately it's not a clear blue sky but lots of scattered cloud everywhere and so the plane will be constantly getting in and out of shadows. What is the ideal camera setting to get the highest keep rate? If you look at this example here, there are a lot of incidentally conditions. If some of them aren't there, a simple Tv with EC or even M mode will do just fine. But as a photographer, if I am being placed under this situation, to the best of my knowledge, I would love to have M with auto-ISO and EC available. Of course people has survived in the past with this kind of challenging condition, and of course I can too. But can any new technology pushes my keep rate higher.

To allow EC in M with auto-ISO is actually very straight forward to do in the firmware. I just still can't propose which physical dial/button/wheel to accomplish this. We need an extra dial/wheel for this. Touch screen is one of the solutions, but it's not practical all the time. Oh, actually, why not have a custom function to allow the back wheel be either EC or shutter in M mode? We already have a custom function to allow us to swap aperture and shutter in M mode. Actually even quicker is under the Q menu/customise buttons, allow one more option for the back wheel: "M mode EC" in addition to "normal".

cfieldgate wrote:

So how are you deciding how much EC you need for a given shot and when would you want to set it?

Surely if you are deciding on the required EC at the "moment of shooting" then you will need to dial it in at that moment - which will take a small amount of time, and could cost you the shot (if I am understanding your situation correctly). If however you want a fixed EC offset for creative purposes or subject reasons then the AE Compensation trick can be used in any Auto mode, including Auto ISO.


That was a very good example of where EC with Manual + Auto-ISO would be advantageous. And there are similar circumstances e.g. models on a catwalk where they are walkinng in and out of spot lights

As for what button to use for the EC. I think that's easy. Just use the button and dial we already have, namely the [+ -] button just in front of the top-plate LCD along with the scroll wheel near the shuttter. So you would use that wheel to set shutter speed, and then to set EC you would first press the [+ -] and within a set time you would scroll the wheel to set EC. Easy peasy!



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